Monday, September 26, 2011

Symbolic Theory

This is when all of our interactions have meaning attached to them. When I see someone smile, than I automatically think, "that person is happy." However, technically she is just moving some facial muscles upward and the only thing that leads me to believe that person is happy is that a smile is a symbol of happiness.
I think our symbols vary from person to person. For example, when I see a dog running at me I think he wants to play however, if a child who has been bitten by a dog sees him running towards her she might think the dog is going to bite her. ( Her experience has tinted her glasses of the world)
So in a family it can be seen  as;
When I get home and see my Dad doing the dishes for me I think, "He is being nice."
However, if I get home and my roommate is doing the dishes for me I think, "She is upset I didn't do the dishes and is doing them to get her point across."
So when I assume that my roommate is doing the dishes just to be rude, then I would be really defensive.
When in reality she is just trying to do a service for me.
Do you see how assuming, lack of communication, and defensiveness can cause problems? no bueno!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I start to laugh sometimes because we all know family can drive you crazy and we drive them crazy. WE are all Crazy! However, that is the beauty of it. We all get to become more kind and funny and serious and dedicated and everything else with giving up of ourselves to our families. I mean a mother literally gives her body up for her child-any woman can attest to that.
My best friend just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in June. She was just telling me about the hips seperating, weight gain, emotional rollarcoasters and more. She said exasperated, "I just want my body back!" However, that last for 2.2 seconds till she sees her handsome Pheonix and she is glowing with motherly love. I have never seen her smile so big.

Family is a large part of our American culture from what I have seen in my experience. We all know that all books or movies don't end with a man alone and happy with his millions of dollars- it ends up always, ALWAYS about love and family. You see it with Mr. Scrooge, Bucket list, Married in Vegas, etc. They are worth it.